There's no time like the present to run barefoot, gaze up at the clouds, hold hands

PLAYFUL SPIRIT sincere heart

Journey into a boldly imagined urban location, on the bushland fringes of all that's most magical about Sydney living.

Your modern spirit and timeless values have found their home. Tea parties, picnic races, a round of croquet – the accessories might change over the generations, but the genteel spirit of downtime and togetherness never fades. Take a cue from the households of yore, and relish in relaxation throughout the communal gardens, entertaining

decks and private first-floor gardens of The Majestic at Rouse Hill. Outside your Majestic residence, there’s a choice of golfing to be had, bush track explorations, jaunts to the river at Hawkesbury. This is the freedom of open country, of untrodden roads, paired against the city’s most exciting emerging townscape.

Brand New Residencies - Coming Soon